D3D's clothing customization technology and Blackyak met.

D3D's clothing customization technology and Blackyak met.

Seoul Fashion Smart Center OPEN!

Seoul Fashion Smart Center

Geumcheon Solution Anchor OPEN!

SPHOTSPOT Clothing Sample and Pattern Production Management Online Platform

SPHOTSPOT Clothing Sample and Pattern Production Management Online Platform

Site OPEN!

Gyeongnam Content Enterprise Promotion Center News

Gyeongnam Content Enterprise Promotion Center News...

Participation in Gyeongnam Content Enterprise Promotion Center

Participation in Gyeongnam Content Enterprise Promotion Center...

Tech Credit Bureau 'T-3' Certified.

It is certified as an excellent company in technical competitiveness and technical business competency in technology grade evaluation...

VR/AR to improve the quality of life...Step-by-step support policy required

Although there are many projects to support technology development, support for future phases is insufficient," said CEO Ha Ji-tae of D3D. "When companies develop technologies, step-by-step support and policies that connect them to distribution are needed...

Busan Textile Fashion Design for 100 Years of Future Vision

Smart Fashion Hall presents digital fashion that can respond to 4th industrial revolution by participating IT convergence companies such as ApparelBase, DTST and D3D

Gachon University's Institute for Sports Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Research and Progress of 'Sports Welfare Research Task'

Gachon University's Institute for Sports Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Research and Progress of 'Sports Welfare Research Task'...

Fashion Business Association, industry-academia-related exchange

[Korea Textile Newspaper] At the regular general meeting, there was a lecture on "3D-based digital manufacturing platform for small and medium fashion companies" ...

A combination of beauty, fashion and technology 'style tech' comes

AI Fashion Coordinator, Virtual Hair Styling, Style Tech Experience Studio, which can look at style tech companies in one place, is operated in Galleria for ...

Winner of KTDA (Korea Textile Design Award), meet with general public

D3D, a specialist in 3D virtual clothing production, will introduce 9 pieces of award winning works from 2018 KTDA as virtual clothing, stimulating the eyes and ears of visitors.

Korea Sail Festa Future shopping with VR

Enhancement and Virtual Reality (AR‧VR) Experience of new technology, consumers can experience new promising new distribution technology in advance.

West North Korea Fashion Support Center opens ... Four Periods Period

West North Korea Fashion Support Center (hereinafter referred to as "West North Korea Center"), which is a base for supporting apparel sewing companies in Seoul, such as Mapo, Yongsan, Seodaemun and Eunpyeong, opened its doors.

Announcement of 'first phase of practical training at the West North Korea Fashion Support Center'

Pattern CAD, brand launching of manufacturing company, auto foundation, collaborative designer business, recruitment of first step of digital fashion practical training ...

Fashion industry changing into '3D technology'

July 2018, 3D D3D (D3D) is a platform that can create 3D virtual samples using 3D clothing simulation software data.

MOU with Ipa group

On March, 2018, we signed an MOU with the Ipa Group in China.

'KTDA' fresh Korean design opens new global horizons

The 3D virtual fashion show, which was presented at KTDA booth on Mar. 2018, attracted the attention of people with spectacular colors and stereoscopic images even from a distance. D3D digitized seven styles of clothes with five award-winning works.

PID, fusion and innovation slogan ... Role of the 4th Industrial Revolution

March 2013, D3D0 utilizes 3D for Daegu International Textile Expo (2018 PID) 'Brand & Tech Convergence Pavilion' Leading the fourth industrial revolution by introducing the One Day sample system using IT technology and the D3D Textile Mobile Viewer app It is being illuminated as a company.

'PIS 2017 Sharing Bazaar' scholarship awarded

In October 2017, the Korea Textile Industry Association held a ceremony for the 'PIS 2017 Sharing Bazaar' scholarship ceremony at the Evergreen Nursery School in cooperation with the Korea Apparel Industry Association and the Korea Fashion Association.

Providing broad DB and innovative services

In December 2017, D3D Co., Ltd. (CEO: Hwa Ji Tae, D3D) utilizes Dongdaemun Infrastructure and 3D virtual clothing technology for the first time in Korea and supports all the processes from planning to production of new designers and apparel design.

'D3D viewer app' service showing 3D clothes

In July 2017, we launched the D3D Mobile Viewer app service, which shows how fabrics are implemented in 3D clothes.

Traditional fiber fashion and fusion of IT D3D

May 2017, the fourth industry is an indication of the coming of the era. This is because many of the technologies that have been felt far have been continuously commercialized.

Textile Awards Hall, D3D 3D Costume 'Virtual Fashion Show'

The Korea Textile Design Awards, which celebrates its fifth anniversary this year, will show award-winning works and 3D fashion shows to the general public at Daegu PID.

D3D, small and medium-sized fashion enterprise digital manufacturing platform development

IT Fashion Fusion Dongdaemun commercial market revitalization front, use of 3D technology hologram '365 K fashion show' on Lehm ...

Korea Textile Trade Fair [Preview In SEOUL] Participated in D3D

Preview in Seoul 2016

Precision Measurement Era 3D Scanning 'D3D' Gold Compass Appears on Broadcast '

YTN Science 'Golden Compass' 07:45 ~

3D clothes with fabric ... D3D, smart clothing market innovation

I participated in the Preview in SEOUL (PIS), a preview in COEX from August 31 to September 2, in cooperation with Trend Inn Korea.

2016 Korean Fashion Brand Grand Prize

The delegation of  Ha Ji Tae attended CHIC 2016 in Shanghai, China.

[2016 KOREA FASHION BRAND AWARDS] D3D Award in Digital Division

D3D, a 3D fashion research institute, recognized the introduction of the One Day sample system, which can produce clothing samples that usually take three to seven days in a single day.

Korean preview in china CHIC 2016

CHIC 2016, from 16.03.16 ~ 18, was supported by D3D Co., Ltd. 'FASHIONOLOGY'.

Acquired ISO 9001 certification for international standards

D3D has obtained ISO 9001 certification as a part of 10 international standard certification, which indicates that domestic products meet international standards.

3D Fashion Business Platform Enterprise D3D

Dongdaemun has created a company that makes samples of clothes designed by designers using 3D technology in one day.

International Future Society, Korea's Future Mega Conference and Large-scale Seminar

'Korea's future mega conference and large conference' was held in the first meeting room of the National Assembly Hall on the afternoon of the afternoon hosted by the future creation science department and the international futures society.

D3D's launching show sponsorship list

Thank you again for visiting and supporting the D3D launching show. 40% of the donation amount was donated to the social contribution office.

D3D, 3D sample production in one day?

Fashion and 3D technology met. D3D (CEO Jeong Tae Seop, Ha Ji Tae), a new company that replaces virtual sample production service in 3D, is the main character.

"Clothes sample production" was held in the era of 1 day "

3D fashion research institute D3D (CEO Jeong Tae Seop and Ha Ji Tae) will start a platform business for making a One Day sample clothes for young designers and Dongdaemun small businessmen. D3D opened its doors at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) on September 9 and signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Claw Virtual Fashion for strategic cooperation.

D3D, 3D Fashion Institute held

DIDIDY (CEO Jeong Tae Seop, Ha Ji Tae), the first 3D application utilizing 1Day sample clothes production service, opened an event at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) Design Seminar Hall from 3 pm on the 9th. Sample clothes production service is carried out.

Meet Fashion, 3D 'The Future of Fashion Industry through 3D'

November 27-27, 2005 The seminar was held on the theme of "Meeting the Fashion and 3D in the Claw Virtual Fashion New Building Auditorium" The future of the fashion industry viewed through 3D ".

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